Go Transit

Go Transit Improvements and Expansions into the Durham Area

Go Transit Improvements and Expansions into the Durham Area Recently, the government of Ontario has approved millions of dollars to help in the expansion of the Go Transit commute in Durham. Some of the improvements include faster service during weekday service. Currently, they have trains every 30 minutes going from Union Station to Durham, and … Continued

home inspections

What You Should Know About Rent to Own Home Inspections

As a first time home buyer, you will need to be careful on what a home inspection should entail. A home inspection is when a certified home inspection company comes in to inspect a home before the purchase. This will help the buyer know any problems that could reduce the asking price for the house. … Continued

What Makes a Good Rent to Own Candidate

What Makes a Good Rent to Own Candidate?

What Makes a Good Rent to Own Candidate? Rent to Own is a great option for someone who is looking to own their own home. Rent to Own can be an easier path for potential homeowners. With big bank approvals and new mortgage rules, it is getting harder and harder to be approved. Also, who … Continued

The Pros And Cons Rent To Own

The Pros and Cons of Rent To Own

The Pros and Cons of Rent To Own Have you heard of rent to own? It’s where you basically rent a house that you chose until you are prepared to purchase it. The rent that you pay contains something called “rent credits” that will be saved after 3 years and be used for the down … Continued

Rent To Own Program Scam

How to Tell if a Rent to own program is a Scam

The process works similar to leasing a car. Our program offers families that have a portion of a down payment and poor credit a chance to move into their dream home today without having to qualify for a mortgage loan. In addition, a small portion of your monthly rent and your initial down payment goes … Continued

Determine Rent In Rent To Own

How is the Rent Determined in a Rent to Own

It’s important to know the numbers in any situation. Whether it’s your salary, banking fees, or your home. In this case, we will discuss the numbers for the rent to own home process. To qualify for the Rent To Own (RTO), a yearly salary of $60-70K is required. The reason for this is to allow … Continued

Why DO I Need A Option Deposit

Why Do I Need a Option Deposit for Rent To Own

Renting to Own is an easy option for someone wanting to own their home without the requirements that most banks need at the time. In my last blog, I gave details on how the whole process works, but now I want to break down the reasoning behind the down payment and why it is important. … Continued

No Lengthy Mortgage Approvals

Rent to Own Approval Process How Does it Work

  Our goal at Rent2owntoday.ca is to educate you so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. Rent to Own is not for everyone, however, if you have decided that Rent to Own is right for you, Smart Home Choice is here to help you acquire the perfect home that … Continued