Buying a Home with Bad Credit using Rent to Own

For most people, buying a home is the biggest and most important purchase they make in their entire lives. It takes commitment, responsibility, and a lot of money. In order to pay for these homes, home buyers usually need to attain a mortgage. Getting approval for a mortgage may not be that easy if you … Continued

Keep Your Credit In Tip Top Shape

5 Ways to Keep your Credit in Tip Top Shape

More and more people are getting tired of renting and are looking at how they can get into home ownership. One of the most important things required is ensuring you have great credit. So how do you do this? Below are the top 5 ways to keep your credit in tip-top shape or to get … Continued

Clean Up Your Credit Issues

How Does Rent to Own Clean Up Your Credit Issues

There are a number of great benefits with Rent to Own. This lesson is about cleaning up your credit score and discussing how you can move into a home today even if you have credit issues right now. When making a major purchase guess what you get judge on…. your credit score. Essentially the lender … Continued