Rent to Own Deal Freehold Townhouse In Whitby, Ontario – June 24, 2013 Sold

  • $275,367
  • 3 beds
  • 3 baths
Rent to Own Home in Whitby
Rent to Own Home in Whitby
Rent to Own Home in Whitby

Tenant / Buyer Information:

Married Couple with two small children currently reside in Maple. They are looking to move to the North Whitby area and have found a beautiful townhouse in the Taunton and Brock road area.

Employment Information:

Husbands works as a Machine Operator in Vaughn, and wife works in the Account Parables department in a firm in North York. Husband’s annual salary is $38,000 and wife has a salary of $36,000. They have a monthly income of $6,166. They are putting down $6,000 on the house (plus first and last) and will be paying $1,650/month with $200 in credits towards their down payment.

They have agreed to the following buy out prices:

Buyout Price After Year 2 = $264,776
Buyout Price After Year 3 = $275,367

Rent To Own provided by Smart Home Choice Inc.

Whitby, Ontario
Lease Option
Property Type:

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