Is Rent to Own a Good Option?

Is Rent to Own a Good Option? For many families who have seen difficult financial times during the recession, the Rent to own option is a blessing. If done correctly, it can be a way to move into a great house now while setting a portion of you to rent aside as your down payment … Continued

ent to own home Beware Risk


RENT TO OWN A HOME – BEWARE THE RISKS The article from the Toronto Star talks about the risks involved in rent to own. We agree that people should be 100% knowledgeable about what they are getting into. But articles like this often point out the costs of renting to own, without pointing out the … Continued

Steps Involved In Our Rent To Own Program

Steps Involved In Our Rent To Own Program Step 1 Ok, so you want to do a Rent To Own. Well, there are 2 parties involved in a Rent To Own transaction, the Tenant and the Investor. The Tenant will Rent the home from the Investor for a period that is Step 2 We will … Continued

home inspections

What You Should Know About Rent to Own Home Inspections

As a first time home buyer, you will need to be careful on what a home inspection should entail. A home inspection is when a certified home inspection company comes in to inspect a home before the purchase. This will help the buyer know any problems that could reduce the asking price for the house. … Continued

Things To Know Before Doing Rent To Own

Things To Know Before Doing Rent to Own

Rent to Own can be a win/win scenario for both the investor and tenant if done fairly. There are some great companies out there that truly care about the tenant and there are ones that are out to take advantage of the tenants. The best thing to do if you are deciding to work with … Continued

Rent To Own Refinance

What is Rent To Own Refinance?

You’ve Heard of Rent to Own, But What is RTOR? In the current economic climate, many people need relief from debt. Since the implementation of tighter mortgage lending guidelines came into effect in July 2012, there are fewer options to help manage debt. Primarily the option of refinancing a principal residence above 80% loan to … Continued

Rent To Own Program Scam

How To Tell If a Rent To Own Program is a Scam

The process works similar to leasing a car. Our program offers families that have a portion of a down payment and poor credit a chance to move into their dream home today without having to qualify for a mortgage loan. In addition, a small portion of your monthly rent and your initial down payment goes … Continued