What is Rent To Own Refinance?

You’ve Heard of Rent to Own, But What is RTOR?

In the current economic climate, many people need relief from debt. Since the implementation of tighter mortgage lending guidelines came into effect in July 2012, there are fewer options to help manage debt. Primarily the option of refinancing a principal residence above 80% loan to value has disappeared.

This is where www.sellandstayinyourhome.ca can help!

Rent To Own Refinance
Rent To Own Refinance

Sell And Stay In Your Home.ca helps both Investors and Home Owners. Rent To Own Refinance answers the need by allowing a person to sell their home to an Investor. They sell their home and rent it back from the investor. The funds from the sale are used to clear up their current debts and even rebuild their bruised credit.

At the beginning of the RTOR, the house is sold to the investor, a time to buy it back and a price at which it will be bought back is established. A deposit is given and the person who owned the house continues to live in it as a tenant. They would pay market rent plus an additional amount needed to buy the property back with 5% down when the agreed upon time arrives.

This is a benefit to both the person opting for this solution and the investor. The seller becomes a tenant in their own home, thus avoiding Real Estate fees to sell and the cost of moving its self. The Investor has the benefit of knowing that the seller wants to buy the home back in a timely manner and that they will take care of the property as they always did.

RTOR can be a solution and a benefit at the same time.

The good news for Investors is the system is all set up and ready for you to buy an investment. You have the full support of Sell And Stay In Your Home.ca, so you don’t need to prepare documents or spend money having a lawyer get you set up for Rent To Own as you would if you entered into it your self.

If Rent to Own Refinance is of interest to you, please use the form below to contact us for more information, or simply visit Sell And Stay In Your Home.ca now!

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